Compulsory insurance service

Federal law states that in some cases, legal persons should purchase insurance services without error. These lawsuits apply to government agencies and commercial organizations with government participation. This applies, for example, to the compulsory life and health insurance of employees of certain government agencies (from applicants to the President of the Russian Federation) 1; Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (CTP) 2; Mandatory insurance of property rights in relation to the obligation of the owner of a dangerous facility to compensate for damage caused by victims 3vb When purchasing appropriate insurance services, the above-mentioned customers are either subject to the federal law of the contract system (44-ФЗ) or the purchase of business insurance by certain types of legal entities. The federal law should be directed (223-ФЗ) – customers are not exempt from the application of the provisions of these laws when purchasing insurance services.

Determined characteristics of insurance service purchases
44-FZ text only states that the customer should use closed methods to identify suppliers (competition or auction) to identify valuable products of the Russian Federation State Museum of Precious Metals and the State Museum of Precious Stones, museum products and museum collections, rare and valuable publications, valuables. Manuscripts, archival documents (including copies) of historical, artistic or other cultural significance are transmitted by the customers to individuals or legal entities, or are physically accepted by the customers. Individuals or legal entities in temporary use and use, or in temporary use, including in connection with the Russian Federation and (or) exhibition in foreign countries, 4. This law, together with the 223-düzenleyici and the regulatory regulations accompanying it, provides no other features in the provision of insurance services. or restrictions. Therefore, customers in the first case are almost always, and the second can make the necessary purchases from insurance companies under the general conditions required by the relevant federal law. Of course, in the case of the 44th Federal Law, there are such general terms and restrictions in the law itself, and this is much less for the 223. Federal Act.

Purchase of compulsory insurance services
A selective review of procurement data on the official procurement information system’s official website ( allows you to see that customers use a variety of methods to obtain compulsory insurance services. You can find bid requests, electronic auctions, open bids, bid requests (within 223-)) and purchase from a single supplier. In short, consider specific examples in the context of the methods applied and the types of compulsory insurance.

Request for proposal
In early April 2016, within the framework of 44-FZ (Federal Treasury Agency of the Economic and Service Support Center of the Ministry of Interior of the Kirov Region “), made a request for the purchase of compulsory insurance insurance services of vehicle owners under the 44-FZ. It was determined by applying the comparable market prices method and it was determined as 242 598.07 rubles.The request for proposals came from 5 insurance companies, each of which offered a price equal to NMCC 1 participant’s application was rejected and the remaining 4 participants were He was the one.

Electronic auction
In the spring of 2015, the customer held a 44-FZ (Rostov region “Professional Lyceum 59 №” Primary vocational training status, budget training institution) procurement of services on the mandatory insurance (gas) of dangerous liability of the facility owner 7. The NMCC was determined using the comparable market prices method and was set at 43,333.33 rubles. The two insurance companies took part in the auction, both of which “dropped fiyat the price to about a level (37,373,332 rubles and 37,599.98 rubles), with the bidder offering the lowest price under the contract.

Open competition
In March 2016, with the participation of the competent authority (regional headquarters of the state procurement zone), the customer (Hanti-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – the central institution of Ugra “Centrospas-Ugoria,) will receive a 44-ФЗ scope for the purchase of compulsory state tender. Firefighters 8. The subject of the competition consisted of 9 units (in relation to the individual regional segments of the customer), each of which NMCC was established by applying comparable market price method – from 155.04 to 478 thousand rubles. Three insurance companies participated in the competition and each bid for each lot. Moreover, the price of their offerings varied considerably – for example, a lot at NMCC worth 278 thousand rubles. this range ranged from 173.85 to 274.5 thousand rubles. The evaluation of competitive bids was based on two criteria – the price of the contract (60% significance) and the qualifications of the buyer (40% significance). Two indicators were used sequentially according to the second criterion. First, benzer similar to state needs

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