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car insurance quotes reddit It is only possible to insure your own vehicle with insurance. When you do not have a car insurance, you will leave your vehicle vulnerable to all hazards.

The opposite side of the traffic insurance, Casco insurance protects your vehicle!

Traffic insurance is a compulsory insurance for a vehicle to enter the traffic. car insurance quotes reddit In the event of an accident in case of any defect, the property or life of the other party will cover the damage within certain limits. The traffic insurance does not cover the damage caused to your vehicle. The insurance covers the damages that your vehicle will suffer due to many reasons such as accident, burning, theft, natural disasters within the scope of the policy.

How can I get an automobile insurance and what elements are taken into account when determining the value of the automobile insurance?

To take out insurance, you must first choose a good agency and a reliable insurance company.

Turkey Insurance Association of insurance value list published monthly by creating the basis of the criteria taken the first tool of your brand, what year it is produced, is the technical features that are included depending on the model and model. Since the technical characteristics of two vehicles of the same brand with different model years will be different, their automobile values ​​will also be different. Secondly, the purpose of the vehicle; in other words, whether it is used as a commercial vehicle or as a private vehicle also makes a difference in the value of automobile insurance. The insurance company also takes into account the information of the licensee when determining the insurance value. Age, occupation, province, and how many years of driving license have an effect on the value of automobile insurance. For example; Living in a crowded city such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir increases the price as it increases the risk of accidents in traffic.

What are the insurance coverage?

The collision with another vehicle, collision with another vehicle, theft and burning are the main guarantees of the Casco. You can also extend the scope of your protection by including natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, strikes and terrorism on your automobile. In addition to collaterals, you can always use your car insurance all year round with services such as tow truck, replacement vehicle and tire change.

Where should we pay attention when buying a car insurance?

When you purchase a car insurance, you should first check whether the collaterals offered are sufficient for you and we strongly advise you to read your policy in detail. You should ask about the prevalence of the contracted service network of the company from which you bought your casco, which services will be offered in addition to the damage, and services such as towing and replacement vehicles. You can prefer companies that offer discounts such as vocational discounts in terms of offering a price advantage. Can-Atar Insurance is at your side with one-click service with many services you can choose, such as an extended casco product, a frugal casco product, a pert damage casco product, and a mini casco product.

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