CASCO payment when the car is completely destroyed

1.Calculation of car depreciation and new insurance rules

2.Choosing the best CASCO option

3.Operations of the insured car owner in case of accident CASCO will be paid when the car is completely destroyed.

In fact, things come with car insurance – now we will understand. Many car owners with a degree of insecurity are concerned with insurance companies, saying that in emergency situations they will not be able to pay. In their view, it is unlikely that a CASCO payment will be due to the complete loss of the vehicle. Indeed, jobs are now automatically insured.

Two mandatory insurance policies, one of which is mandatory, and the second (CASCO) driver are required to purchase as required. First, we will find out which cases this insurance can cover. The guarantees provided to the vehicle owner by CASCO policy are as follows: Payment of repair costs as a result of damage to the vehicle during the movement (a stone fell under the wheel into a glass and cracked or hit, a wheel was punctured, etc.).

Total full payment under CASCO (reimbursement of repair costs due to an accident-filled vehicle). Car repair, if the driver moves in a ditch or if an obstacle (tree, pole) hits the road. The car left in the parking lot, scratches, dents, broken headlights and so on. As a result it was connected by another driver. In such a case, the policy compensates for the cost of repairs. Payment of necessary repairs as a result of ice falling from the ceiling to the vehicle. If stolen, compensation for the cost of the entire car.

Previously, the situation in the insurance policies was such that the owner of the vehicle in which any of the above conditions occurred could at least be able to withstand an amount equal to the value (depreciation) and depreciation of the vehicle. This sparked outrage among the majority of those who published this policy, which began to appeal to the court. As a result, methods of calculating the amount insured by the UK were declared illegal. Car wear calculation and new insurance rules If the owner has just purchased the car as a result of the abduction, the insurer must pay the full payment of CASCO in total.

However, for example, if a car has been used for a month, engine parts, bodywork, interior etc. Due to the actual price drops. A year later, even if a car is used with caution, the cost can be reduced to 20% of the initial purchase amount. Depending on the life of a car, there are various formulas depending on the life of the vehicle from the date of purchase. Each SC has a different one and is usually hidden. In any case, each of these formulas gives a very disadvantageous result for the vehicle owner.

However, the situation will change dramatically in the near future, as such actions of insurers are considered illegal by the highest court of the Russian Federation. Under the new rules, the amount payable by the CB will not be calculated using any formula, but will be equal to the cost of the car at the date of the contract signing. It does not matter at which point the insured event took place: a week after the policy purchase or a year later. Choosing the best CASCO option The process of selecting the best policy can take several steps and will require effort and some personal time. But in the future, in case of an accident, CASCO will be paid with the complete loss of the car.

The algorithm of the actions of a driver who chooses an SK is approximately as follows: Gathering information about the car that is useful in calculating quotes. To make a list of organizations involved in automobile insurance. Setting acceptable limits for insurance, surpluses are unacceptable. A table compilation filled with a tariff where you are familiar with the insurance conditions of various organizations and the best option is selected based on the completed data.

Here you can obtain a CASCO policy under appropriate conditions. When selecting an insurance company, it is necessary to take into account its rating, to learn about the reviews of users of its services, to make sure that the company has a branch in the village, to ensure that the vehicle is a service appropriate to the service station required.

The actions of the insured vehicle owner in the event of an accident If the car is involved in an accident where it is severely damaged on the road, the owner must take the following actions: First of all, you must contact the UK representative office where the policy is issued; a call to one of the public services (police, fire brigade) to register what happened; preparing a series of documents indicating that an insured event has occurred; Transfer of collected documents to insurance company.

Based on the information received from the documents presented, the damage will be assessed and a compensation decision will be made. The time interval between the delivery of the last document and the payment is usually 1 to 3 weeks. In the event that CASCO is completely lost or stolen, the structure will be issued 2-3 months after the documents have been

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