Useful Car Insurance Tips

Experience in the world clearly shows that insurance is the safest and most convenient way to protect from unforeseen circumstances, but unfortunately it is often neglected in the hope of saving insurance. Therefore, will disputes over whether it is worth the purchase guarantee that you will be compensated for all losses incurred in the insured event in the future?

Numbering-mal.pngTwo options to protect your car
As a result of voluntary vehicle insurance against damage and HARNESS (insurance companies – AUTOCASCO), the driver is protected from unforeseen material losses related to the restoration of his vehicle, if he is responsible for the accident.

Compulsory motor third party liability insurance (CTP) aims to protect the property rights of the victim.

Of course, now times have changed and the cars are becoming more accessible, there is not only an option, but an abundance, but regardless, our attitude to the car has not changed. A car is an arrangement of comfort and family fortune, our beloved brain. It gives us the freedom to move around, making it possible to go with the whole family, have a picnic or shop outside the city at any time. By buying a car once, we can’t imagine our lives without it.

The challenge is to get rid of the discomfort caused by unforeseen events by car. Motor insurance is therefore a hot topic for many people: the high cost of the car and the high probability of damage – all of which indicate the demand for insurance.
Numbering-mal.pngTips useful when applying for boat insurance

• Secure yourself among the largest insurance companies in the Russian Federation. Avoid insurance companies:
– to work in the market recently;

– sell policies through advertising and do not have their own network of distribution insurance services;

– they are only interested in one type of insurance (eg CTP).

• The most important advice – Read the ASI EXCLUSION OF INSURANCE ”rules carefully. Most problems with compensation payments are the insurer’s ignorance of insurance policies.

• does not indicate incorrect information at the end of the contract. If this is confirmed, you will not be able to insure yourself (even with other insurance companies) and may be denied insurance payment.

• Pay particular attention to the fuse area specified in the policy.

• If you make changes to the policy during the insurance period, notify the insurance company, otherwise there may be difficulties in insurance payments.

• If any hidden damage is detected during the repair, the insurer will reimburse them.

• If the insured at the wheel was during the activity is not denied a man specified in the policy, insurance reimbursement is possible.

• If you did not have any insured events for the previous period, request a discount for the following year.

What is numbering-mal.pngTO for?

Voluntary vehicle insurance covers approximately 20% of all vehicle owners. This means that in 80% of the victims of the accident were left alone with their problems and at least compensated for their losses.
The OSAGO Law sets specific standards for the protection of victims of road accidents. In total, it is 400 thousand rubles per accident. In this case, the maximum payment to be paid as compensation for the damage to a victim’s property is not more than 120,000. Too much or too much? As seen in practice, this amount is quite sufficient in 95% of all accidents.

Due to the universality of liability insurance, the risk of non-payment by the party responsible for the accident is eliminated – the insurance company always pays for it. The compulsory insurance system will provide compensation for the victim if the insurer has gone bankrupt or the offender has escaped from an accident scene or is uninsured.

Numbering-mal.pngWhat should I do if an accident occurs?
Despite the traffic accident, no passengers were injured, the vehicle received very little stress.

It is important that you prepare in advance for possible road problems, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following simple suggestions for handling an accident.

User guide
10 suggestions: what to do in case of accident
1. Pull yourself together and don’t panic.
2. Stop the engine and switch off the ignition.
3. Turn on the alarm and set the warning triangle. In settlements, the sign is established at least 15 meters, at least 30 meters outside the outer settlements. An activated alarm and a timely warning triangle can help prevent another accident!
4. If life and health damage is caused as a result of the accident, call an ambulance: 030 on a mobile phone or an area code and 03.
5. Call the traffic police for an accident: on the 020 mobile phone or city code and 02. Be prepared to report the exact location of the accident.
6. Report an accident to your insurance company. The insurer’s phone number is always in the OSAGO form (top left corner).
7. In some insurance companies, it is possible for emergency brokers to travel to the scene of the accident. Emergency service specialists drawing a traffic accident diagram

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