Commercial Car Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance will help your business cover the financial costs of a car accident if you or the employee is at fault. Commercial vehicle insurance helps pay for damaged goods and medical expenses, even in the event of an accident.

Commercial vehicle insurance, for example:

– An employee hits a pedestrian while driving a vehicle and requires pedestrian treatment, leading to important bills.
– When working and receiving residential mailboxes, you accidentally close the vehicle and pay for the damage.
– An employee accidentally gets into another car on his way to work and makes up for it.

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Who needs commercial vehicle insurance?

Get commercial auto insurance if you have a business:

– Renting or leasing of vehicles such as cars and trucks.
– There are employees who use their own funds to do business.
– There are personnel working in rental, leasing or proprietary companies.

When rubber meets the road, this is a serious business. Keeping employees in the eyes of current and potential customers and delivering their products where they need to go. However, contrary to inspection, your opinion about your business activities, road conditions, weather and other factors are beyond your control. Any personal injury, including injury to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians to which you are responsible – whether this is your responsibility or otherwise or property damage may endanger your business.

Like car insurance, business car insurance is there to take you, your employees and your business to a brighter future. Planet Insurance, which can be customized for your individual business needs, offers numerous business auto insurance that you own, rent or rent for business. Contact an insurance agent on the planet today who can create a tailor-made solution that meets the specific needs of your business.

Flexible lighting options for your business

Whether you use your own vehicle or vehicle fleet or minibus fleet to find a job, we offer protection – responsibility, injury / medical, comprehensive and collision coverage, and more to advance your business. In addition, if your employees use their own tools to complete deliveries, make sales visits, or conduct business related business, you may be responsible for the accidents they cause.

We have commercial auto insurance to help you meet your needs. Your state farm representative can help you determine the cutable amounts and collateral limits that best suit your situation and offer commercial auto insurance prices. We can also help with your business needs. Trust of state farm ownership and responsibility, employee compensation, health, life and specialized insurance, and retirement plans.

Scope of Liability Personal Injury: Help reimburse damages caused by bodily harm to others you are responsible for. If you sue, it also covers your defense and legal expenses. Personal injury liability for other drivers and passengers who are responsible for personal injury or death.

Damage to property liability insurance: It pays damages caused by property damage to other persons you are liable for. If you sue, it also covers your defense and legal expenses. Liability insurance for property damage, damage to property of others you are responsible for.

Comprehensive coverage: Helps to pay for any loss or damage that does not result from the collision or overturning of the insured vehicle. The deposit may be cut. Comprehensive coverage for your vehicle in the event of losses resulting from non-accident events such as theft or falling onto your vehicle.

Collision Scope: Helps to pay for damaged vehicles damaged in a collision with another object or discomfort. Scope cannot be downloaded. The extent of your car’s collision when your car hits or falls below another car.

Uninsured / driver coverage is insufficient: If you have an accident with another person who does not have insurance or does not have sufficient liability insurance, in some cases, help pay for the damage. You will be surprised how many people only meet the minimum limits. Would you like to receive the same guarantee that you have given to another person? Uninsured / sufficient driver covers injury, damage or death caused by the driver’s uninsured or insufficient insurance to cover all costs.

Injury / medical cover: Usually helps pay for medical and funeral expenses for the insured. Medical payments will cover the costs incurred by you and the passengers in your vehicle who have been injured in an accident.

How much insurance coverage do you need? If you or an employee has caused an accident, no one can accurately predict how much you should pay. Damage inside

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